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Chiropractic Adjustments During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman holding belly and smilingMany women have discovered the benefits of chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy and make this a routine part of their prenatal care. Women report less morning sickness, less lower back pain, and a shorter, more quality labor and delivery. Chiropractic care supports the integrity of the pelvic function, which includes the uterus, the associated muscles and ligaments, and the interfacing of the nervous and hormonal systems, all of which are important for a healthy mother and baby.

Sacral misalignment causes pelvic muscles and ligaments to tighten and become tense, which can constrain the uterus and may prevent the baby from getting into the best position for birth. Chiropractic techniques, including the Webster’s Technique can help balance the muscles and ligaments in the pelvic structure and alleviate this intrauterine constraint.

Dr. Edward Jones recommends analysis and adjustment of the sacrum throughout pregnancy to detect imbalance and optimize the biomechanics of the pelvis in preparation for a safer, easier birth. Chiropractic adjustments reduce nervous system stress and support health throughout pregnancy. Dr. Jones has received specialized training in adjusting techniques, including Webster’s Technique, for pregnant women through postgraduate certification classes presented by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

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