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Why Should Children Have Chiropractic Care?


Infant baby.More and more parents are seeking chiropractic care for their children. Many spinal problems seen in adults began as early as birth. The process of childbirth exerts 40-50 pounds of pressure on an infant’s neck. Even so called ‘natural’ birthing methods can stress an infant’s spine and developing nerve system. The resulting irritation to the nerve system caused by spinal and cranial misalignment can be the cause of many newborn health complaints. Colic, breathing problems, nursing difficulties, sleep disturbances, allergic reactions and chronic infections can often be traced to nerve system stress.

Since significant spinal trauma can occur at birth, many parents have their newborns checked right away. As the infant grows, learning to hold up the head, sit, crawl and walk are all activities that affect spinal alignment and are important times to have a child checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr. Eddie Jones has taken postgraduate certification classes presented by the ICPA and learned many adjusting techniques specifically designed for a newborn’s and infant’s developing spine.


As the child begins to participate in regular childhood activities like skating or riding a bike, small yet significant spinal misalignments (subluxations) may occur. If neglected, the injuries during this period of rapid growth may lead to more serious problems later in life. Subtle trauma throughout childhood will affect the future development of the spine leading to impaired nervous system function. Any interference to the vital nerve system will adversely affect the body’s ability to function at its best.

To enhance your child’s ability to function in a greater state of health, let Dr. Eddie Jones help. He is dedicated to serving children with the utmost of care. Once your family has experienced the many benefits of chiropractic care, please help us and tell others!

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