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Excellent Experience

Dr. Jones and his staff was excellent far above expectations. I called and they accepted me as a walk-in, within 15 minutes of my initial phone call. I came in filled out some quick paperwork and was seen shortly after. Dr. Jones asked questions and did an exam, identified by problem, adjusted my problem, then gave me information about my problem. I look forward to returning for my next appointment and I’m strongly considering making Dr. Jones and PAC my primary chiropractor and chiropractic care center.

James M.

I Knew I Made The Right Decision

Since I am new to the area, I wasn’t aware of chiropractors in the area so I did an internet search only looking for someone close by. I found this office and after reading the website decided to make an appointment. From the moment I stepped into the office, and was greeted by the receptionist I knew I had made the right decision. From the assistance I received from the moment I stepped in, to the information provided by Dr. Jones this has been a great experience. Not to mention the fact that my pain is improving.

Leann P.

I Know I Am In The Right Place For My Care

I am so glad to be in Dr. Jones’ care. I continue to hear from the doctors I have been seeing,”you are a complex case and there is no cure for what you have.” That statement has left me feeling very “alone” and “hopeless” from a medical standpoint. I am feeling very hopeful that Dr. Jones is going to be able to help me. He is so kind and caring and his staff is so helpful. I know I am in the right place for my care.

Susan S.

Felt Better Right Away

I started to feel better right away, and this was just my first visit. I have confidence Dr. Jones will help me with my cervical sprain.

Andrea H.


I love the gentle feeling of the office. Everyone with all of their quirks are accepted. Pamela and Deena are outstanding first impressions; they are efficient and friendly. Dr Ed explains everything and his technique is gentle and in my experience, really works. His gentle touch permeates everything in the office.

Roger H.

Very Knowledgeable

Dr. Jones is very knowledgeable and professional. He takes his time to explain your issues and gives careful and gentle manipulation . I have relief after just one visit, and I like forward to a higher quality of life with Dr. Jones care and guidance.

Timothy S.

Felt At Home

Dr. Jones and Pamela made me feel right at home immediately. They were extremely thorough and took their time in answering all of my questions. As a healing arts professional I have used chiropractic and many other manual therapies for over 15 years, and I know how important it is to find someone whose work you resonate with. I went in hoping they could help certain concerns, and I left knowing that they can! The additional use of Young Living oils has me sold on being a regular patient at Perfect Alignment Chiropractic. I highly recommend Dr. Jones’ work for everyone.

Dawn B.

Fabulous Job

Referred through BNI-Refferal Central Thanks Dr. Eddie :) BTW your young lady at the front desk does a fabulous job explaining benefits and juggling everything she had going on.

Brenda G.

My Back Feels Better

Dr. Jones is really nice and makes my back feel better every time I go see him. I’m going into 5th grade and I recommend Dr. Jones to all my friends!

- Kennedy P.

Headache Improving

Well, I was in pretty sad shape when I came in, so after I left, both times, I had a horrific headache and didn’t sleep too well last night. Finally around 6:00 a.m., I went back to bed again with an ice pack and slept till almost 10:00 a.m. At this moment, I’m much much much better but the headache is lingering just a bit. Hopefully by tomorrow, it’ll be history. Or, at least I can hope.

- Wendelyn O.

Feeling Better

Dr. Eddie has helped me feel better with every visit. Today I had aches and pains all over from a very busy vacation, you know those vacations that turn out to be harder work than work is? Dr. Eddie alleviated all my aches and pains from my neck to my toes and I feel so much better. Thank you. BTW Pamela is pretty awesome too. :) Great services, I highly recommend Perfect Alignment Chiropractic, I love y’all.

- Sharon H.

Absolutely The Best

“Dr. Eddie is absolutely one of the best chiropractors there is. Professional, compassionate and effective the total package. I was fortunate and blessed to have found him.

- Anon.

Very Patient

Dr. Eddie is patient with both my parents and I appreciate that. They both have dementia and so not always the easiest.

- Roger N.

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